Question The Things Around You!

I have learned that asking questions is of such importance and it really needs to be emphasized on this blog! Do you want Life Insurance? Ask as many questions as you can, don’t know? Ask! Simple as that, and you will reap the rewards of it!

This is a life changing strategy, I’m learning more and more each day, and that’s not just because I like to read books with titles I can’t pronounce. A big part of it is that I am no longer afraid to ask questions. Do I like it when people ask me questions? YES! Especially on topics I brought up myself or am intrigued by, I am making a whole separate page just to put the importance of asking questions into a new perspective for people. Posts and pages are different when blogging, and if one of you chooses to check out a page rather an a post I made and stumble across something like this; I will be grateful.

There has been numerous occasions in my life where I stopped dead in my tracks like a possum on the road, why? Fear. Fear is a deal breaker, it is something that we think exists when in actuality we create and have control over it. Yes, huge statement to make but with regards to asking questions it is important that you not worry about getting your feathers ruffled and just dive in! People may think, “Wow that was pretty obvious”. What does that matter? They are not you, I’m sure most of you reading this have heard this one before.

“Ask, and you will receive.”


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