Working Hard Or Working Smart?

There are so many different ways to interpret reality, truthfully everything is perception in the sense that it starts in our mind. By now you might have come to the conclusion that this guy behind the keyboard seems to really enjoy talking about things that twist and turn and really make you think “Well then…”.

That’s sort of my goal with this blog, I’d like to really have my audience sharing what is written here and saying something along the lines of  “Have you read John’s blog?”.

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So the title of this page is “Working Hard Or Working Smart?”. Why exactly did I choose this title? To start things off I’d like to say that I spent years of my life “working hard” and still continue to on occasion because it truly can’t be neglected if your desire is to grow. Point being, you don’t need to exert yourself to the point of exhaustion every time you want to “level up”. Do not fight and strain. do not be so serious, simply row, row, row, YOUR boat gently down the stream. See what I did there?

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