Practice Creates Life Insurance

31 Aug 2016 John Sanchez

Practice, Practice, Practice.

In my previous post I spoke a little bit about my new love for the art of POI; getting to the level at which you can perform naturally… I’ll tell yeah, it does take time. I was looking forward to my mother coming to town and me gracefully removing my POI from my carrying bag and fluidly moving onto the grass to begin practice, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Having an in-depth conversation about sharks and their future extinction led me to taking out my POI and completely changing the topic. This was possibly from excitement and geekiness. “Hey mom, look at these fire toys I play with now!” That is probably what was running around in the back of my mind, though as I walked towards the grass I thought to myself, “Hmm, John, do you really have the ability to perform this stuff?” First thought after that was hesitation, next thought was, “I can.”

I asked the question and that was “How can I put a smile on my mothers face with my new passion?” I got my answer shortly there after! Hours of practice showed in my movements, I’m not saying you can master the art in a number of hours but my body was used to the movements that I have been practicing and it did feel natural. As surprised as my mother looked I still felt like something was missing… It was the fire. I was so excited about showing my mother my new art form that I completely forgot that we were sitting in a park in the middle of the day and there was no fire on my POI. As I finished up what I call ‘my set’ (as I plan on performing at local festivals when the time comes) I then walked over to my mom with a big smile on my face with my poi hanging by my hip.

She looked up into my eyes and said “Now where did you learn to move like that John? Probably from me.” We both chuckled and I sat back down and begun to explain to her that the little wicks on the end of the chain are actually suppose to be on fire; this really caught her attention. This made me feel more than just elated, I was in a complete state of euphoria. I have been able to learn a new way of movement in less than a month and gained the confidence to perform in front of people who truly matter to me. A very good feeling this does create, now I know that with more and more practice I’ll have the confidence to busk. Busking even if my POI are not fire would still catch the attention of those who haven’t seen the movements before. Actually, I did come across some wicked LED POI on the internet the other day which I could order for an affordable price. That is a little farther down the road but I’m writing this to share with you the story as it is important to me and I do feel like by asking the right questions I received something rather special.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. Perhaps next time I’ll talk more about the moon and the potential to walk on it.

Questions about my experience with POI so far? You can get in contact with me here.

Smile more guys,

John Sanchez