Over Twenty Days?!

26 Sep 2016 John Sanchez

I Went Back.

It feels great to write to you all again! I just spent two weeks in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My experience there was nothing short of incredible; I spent a lot of quality time with my grandfather and my cousins who I have never really gotten to know. I went to visit my grandfather as my life at home was feeling frantic and my grandfather is an older gentleman who doesn’t take the best care of his health… Seeing my cousins was a huge bonus as I always say “More family, the better.” 

Vincent and I have never really connected but my last visit to Victoria we did spend some quality time together which I do hold close to heart. He works for a local tow truck service company and with their 24HR service it takes up a lot of his time; we did manage to get in a number of in-depth conversations and I feel like we both learned a lot about each other. My other cousin Gerry was in town! Man was this ever something to remember, this guy is a wild one, I’m talking dirt bike stunt performer and snowmobile enthusiast… What an incredible man to listen too, his stories are unreal and me talking about my new passion for Fire POI really did not compete with his snowmobile crash stories.

My grandfather looks healthy, but I know what he does with his time for the most part and there is little to no exercise being performed and his diet has diet pepsi in bulk… Those of you who have been following my writings know a little bit about me and how I look at myself; family is of great importance to me and seeing my grandfather do this to himself has really got me in a twist of emotions. Gerry and Vincent feel similar but Gerry is a daredevil and he treats his health in a similar way so he isn’t too concerned. Vincent on the other hand has always got a hand on my grandfathers shoulder and is ready to assist with whatever he needs, I love him for that. Our concerns are similar and besides my frantic life at home that was the biggest reason I went back; to make sure he’s being taken care of.

Why has it been frantic at home? Well it’s typical, at least that’s what the majority of people would say, yes, it was a girl. A girl twisted and turned my emotions and shifted my routine; that is what happened and I am a tad bit embarrassed to be honest. I didn’t think I would lose control like that, but it put me in the mindset where I had to get away for a while. I am feeling one thousand times better and have no worries in my mind about my previous relationship, focusing on personal hobbies and reading a lot of mystery short stories has perked me right up! The ability to let things go and move on is such a challenge, easy to conceptualize and geek out about, but the application? That’s a true tornado.

During my stay in Victoria we did a number of memorable things that really took my mind off of everything, placed me right smack dab in the moment. Visited the museum again, went to one of the local recreation centers a number of times and sat in their steam room for hours throughout my “vacation”. Me and Vincent hiked up to the Goldstream Tressel, absolutely beautiful view from the center of the bridge. We went to a number of different Chinese buffets (one of my favorite parts of the trip), ate myself full to the point where I could barely stand; it was incredible. Overall, my experience really did help how I was feeling, and I’ll never forget it. Took my grandfather out to breakfast a hand full of times and each and every time we went out I let him choose the restaurant. Something so simple yet the smile on his face is something I’ll cherish for decades, it’s amazing how powerful those things can be, something as simple as breakfast can lift someones spirits, I LOVE LIFE!

Have you ever been to British Columbia, Canada? If you have, please do tell me more about it as the whole province is full of beauty, you could spend time in any area and see wildlife out the yin-yang and see scenery that is picture perfect.

I’d like to share this with you all, thank for following my writings and accepting my short hiatus.