A Journey To Canada

7 Aug 2016 John Sanchez

A Very Unique Adventure

Before you read this story please visit my new page, I put a lot of thought into it despite the length, I call it “John’s words of wisdom”.

Last August I spent a number of weeks in Victoria, British Columbia. What a beautiful place, I took this journey on very short notice and didn’t expect to spend as much time or money as I did; regardless, I am beyond grateful I went. I ventured to BC to visit family and ended up getting lost in the scenery, the place is absolutely incredible; wild life for miles and populated with very compassionate people. My grandfather was in the middle of a move during my visit, selling his cottage on the lake and making the decision to move right into Downtown Victoria. I love the area, though I was told it was a concrete jungle; what an incorrect statement. Water views, yes there are plenty of buildings but not even close to as many in Vancouver, now that’s a concrete jungle… I was introduced to an incredible human being during my stay, his name is Damaio; owner of We Haul Cheap. He is the man who helped move my grandfather to his new home, expressing my gratitude for his moving services he began telling me stories of his childhood.


This man has been everywhere! I swear, we could have talked for days. Long story short, he ended up staying the night at my grandfathers due to our indulging of copious amounts of local beer; excellent breweries in Victoria. This man led me to believe that my journey to Victoria wasn’t just to visit my family, I was there for a purpose. I learned so much speaking with this man, listening to his stories and just keeping an open mind to his opinions; conversations ranging from dinosaurs to galaxies. What an evening, my grandfather drunk, what a sight to see… After waking up after my first night in Victoria (hung over as all get out) my cousin Vincent took me to the IMAX Museum, my thoughts were “Okay, now I am in my element”. The place is filled with things that give me goosebumps, if you have followed the rest of my blog you are well aware that I am a little bit of a geek and find pleasure in things that really twist my brain. I think we were there for over four hours, I didn’t want to leave but Vincent insisted we check out the local spaghetti factory, am I ever glad we did. Most certainly the best lasagna I have ever had, I know, spaghetti factory and I order lasagna, no regrets!

After food we managed to find our way to Ogden point where we spent the majority of our evening, I truly went to visit to get away from my life at home and to see my family; I ended up learning more about myself then I could have ever imagined. It’s amazing when you reconnect with loved ones and build new relationships and have that be the reason your perspective changes. I know I haven’t mentioned much about what the big change is and in all honesty I’m not sure how to put it into words, I just see things with more of an open mind I guess; anyways, this story is dragging on and I am starving.

I chose to write this because I wanted to give you guys an idea as to how I got to this point and I think this journey definitely made a huge difference in my life. So for all those who have chosen to read this far, if you are missing family, go see them! You may have a lot going on, but man, it made a huge difference in my life and I am so happy I took the leap and took a break from my work to go and smell the roses.


Journey on friends,


I am such a nerd, I love it

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