Over Twenty Days?!

I Went Back.

It feels great to write to you all again! I just spent two weeks in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My experience there was nothing short of incredible; I spent a lot of quality time with my grandfather and my cousins who I have never really gotten to know. I went to visit my grandfather as my life at home was feeling frantic and my grandfather is an older gentleman who doesn’t take the best care of his health… Seeing my cousins was a huge bonus as I always say “More family, the better.” 

Vincent and I have never really connected but my last visit to Victoria we did spend some quality time together which I do hold close to heart. He works for a local tow truck service company and with their 24HR service it takes up a lot of his time; we did manage to get in a number of in-depth conversations and I feel like we both learned a lot about each other. My other cousin Gerry was in town! Man was this ever something to remember, this guy is a wild one, I’m talking dirt bike stunt performer and snowmobile enthusiast… What an incredible man to listen too, his stories are unreal and me talking about my new passion for Fire POI really did not compete with his snowmobile crash stories.

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The Moon

The Moon Means Everything To Me


I honestly can’t explain the feeling of looking up at a full moon. It does strange things to me, it makes me feel bubbly yet incredibly calm, relaxed yet energetic, focused yet not fixated… Isn’t that something? It has always been like this for me and one of my dreams has always been to step foot on the moon. Realistic? Not really. Do I still let my imagination wander like a child and create images of me having fun in space? Of course.

As an adult it is my duty to remain serious, always be professional and never act out! Hahah, even writing this down seems ridiculous! I love being a geeky kid.

This Is How I See It.

This is a topic I could talk for hours about, seriously; I honest can’t put it into words. How do you feel about the moon? Does it do strange things to you as well? You can let me know here.

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