Practice Creates Life Insurance

Practice, Practice, Practice.

In my previous post I spoke a little bit about my new love for the art of POI; getting to the level at which you can perform naturally… I’ll tell yeah, it does take time. I was looking forward to my mother coming to town and me gracefully removing my POI from my carrying bag and fluidly moving onto the grass to begin practice, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Having an in-depth conversation about sharks and their future extinction led me to takingĀ out my POI and completely changing the topic. This was possibly from excitement and geekiness. “Hey mom, look at these fire toys I play with now!” That is probably what was running around in the back of my mind, though as I walked towards the grass I thought to myself, “Hmm, John, do you really have the ability to perform this stuff?” First thought after that was hesitation, next thought was, “I can.”

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