Wondering How the Next Olympics will Fair with Social Distancing

9 Apr 2020 John Sanchez

The 2020 Summer Olympics are supposed to happen in Tokyo. I haven’t read the latest news on this, but it’ll be wonderful if they’ll still make the Olympics a public event since social distancing has been suggested by world governments due to COVID-19. I love the Olympics, and wrote another post about it a while back. Recently I was learning about the ancient Greeks and where the roots of the Olympic games came from, so I’ll be very sad if the Summer Olympics are cancelled this year.

My main reason for discussing this today is because I have a suggestion. If they do think cancelling is the safest idea, then what they could do is still host the event but have all the athletes tested for the virus and have no physical audience. This way, the world could still watch the games on TV and there will be social distancing but we still get to enjoy the show. I hope this is worst case scenario because I’m really excited for the summer games this year.

Let’s hope it works out well!