The Moon

5 Sep 2016 John Sanchez

The Moon Means Everything To Me


I honestly can’t explain the feeling of looking up at a full moon. It does strange things to me, it makes me feel bubbly yet incredibly calm, relaxed yet energetic, focused yet not fixated… Isn’t that something? It has always been like this for me and one of my dreams has always been to step foot on the moon. Realistic? Not really. Do I still let my imagination wander like a child and create images of me having fun in space? Of course.

As an adult it is my duty to remain serious, always be professional and never act out! Hahah, even writing this down seems ridiculous! I love being a geeky kid.

This Is How I See It.

This is a topic I could talk for hours about, seriously; I honest can’t put it into words. How do you feel about the moon? Does it do strange things to you as well? You can let me know here.

On the topic of space and excitement, I have been really opening my mind to all these new electronic artists. One of my favorite producers is Bumble_. Now you might give it a listen and think to yourself “John is crazy, I think I might be done with this blog.” OR, hopefully, you will approach this with an open mind and take into consideration the expression in the mix. I used to be so closed minded when it came to music, now my mind has reopened and I am doing my best to see beauty in all art forms.

The photo I posted above really does speak a thousand words, it kind of collaborates everything into one. Love, family, scenery, openness, calmness, high energy, and willingness. Now that is a lot, and that’s just what I get from it, but like I said; I am a geek.

I just a got a call from a good friend of mine and need to run out the door to help him change a tire, now I am no mechanic but I do have access to Google! Little does he know I’ll probably stand their giving him pointers while he does the muscling of maneuvering and changing the tire. I wanted to talk more about the lunar eclipse and go into detail on the northern lights, though right now the universe wants me to go help Cory.

Thank you for following my blog, it really does mean a lot to me.