The Moon pt. 2

Welcome to “The Moon” part 2! Previously I rambled on for a while about why I love the moon so much. Your can read that post by clicking here. You don’t have to read part 1 in order for today’s post to make sense though. The moon and what it means to me has changed a little since then so this is a fresh take and my opinion might have changed slightly. This happens to everyone after enough time passes. So let’s begin!

What the Moon means to Me!

To me, the moon is my anchor in the sky. If it disappeared, I’d no longer be anchored on Earth and gravity would have no effect on me. That’s how it feels to me. It keeps me grounded. When I’m upset, it calms me. When I’m sad, it gladdens me. When I’m mad it makes me sane and drives my reason to mental progression. Without it I’d be lost. Without it, the sky wouldn’t be as beautiful.

Even at day time, I love seeing the moon. It reminds me of my mortality. It reminds me of my humanity. My humility. I even love the science of the moon and love hearing lectures about it.

In all poetry, the moon is my light. In all spirituality, the moon is my savior. If it could talk I’d pray to her every day. I love the moon, and something deep inside says the moon loves me back, as if she were a goddess. I think of her as a woman, my love who keeps the crazy world from going insane.

That’s what the moon means to me. It means a lot!