5 Aug 2016 John Sanchez

I’m thinking about space today

Going to talk a little bit about what we call “Space“, I don’t have a lot of time here as I’m actually heading out the door within the next twenty or so minutes and in that time period I must be completely ready for what I am about to learn. Classes are on and I am very thankful for today. I took a brief hiatus which lead me into realizing that without some form of training schedule (Martial Art’s training) the other aspects of my life would fall into turmoil.

ANYWAYS! Space is of vast importance in the sense that everything is space, we must create space, we must close space, we must drive straight into nothingness to explore the beauty of space. “Okay John, you just wrote the word “space” a hundred times, let’s get to the point” you might be thinking… Well I just had this idea which has led me to writing this on such short notice, the idea is what if we are space? How about when you look at the book, the taxi going sixty down the highway, the elephant strolling down the way on that tv show you saw last night, the TV you watched that show on. Is that all us? Our imagination and our perception of things and their way of being, isn’t that created by us from the inside? So aren’t we space?

That’s a question to have with a quantum physicist, perhaps I’ll contact one; that’s next on my list.


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Thank you for your time and for reading this article, I am heading out the door soon here otherwise I would be writing a lot more on this topic. Thought I could pick away at it for a bit, I may come back and revise, hardly have the time to proof read it; haha.


Take care,