The Olympics

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So recently I’ve been focusing on the incredible performances of some of the Olympic athletes, do you watch The Olympics?

Today I have been pondering the grace and efficiency of some of these incredible performers… The fluid motion in which they move is so natural and it is formed from hours and hours and hours of training and thousands of drills over and over again; I think this is absolutely beautiful. The training of the body is essential to have training of the mind; it’s like attention to detail, let one thing slip and not have it be right then you will find all the others things slipping and won’t have be right. When I say right here I’m talking about the way you want it to be, because the way you want it to be and the way I want it to be might be different. What matters most is what you want, from their you can build and succeed as long as a pure motive is held close to heart.

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Hawaiian Fire Dancers

Hawaiian Fire POI
Hawaiian Fire POI

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Family and Friends

Remembering Those That Matter Most

My last post I ended off talking about the importance of being with your loved ones, this post I’d like to add to it a bit. I have been recently pondering the fact that without my loved ones I really wouldn’t be where I am; this has caused my levels of gratitude to rise and my love for my family to increase. A simple phone call, a letter, heck it’s 2016; toss them a text message! The reality of it is, is that we get caught up so frequently in all these little distractions that it detours us from what matters most. Being with our own flesh and blood, or the present moment of breath. This is a fantastic topic not only for the core concept of being grateful for your loved ones but this specific topic can basically pyramid into everything else in this life; neat huh? As I watch the waves from my porch I stand in awe as the thoughts in my head begin to flourish with all these little things that I had troubles staying focused on before. See? I have a weird mind and I love to journey off onto different things and can get caught up in unique tangents; this leaves room for options! I never run out of options, I could be reading a book that has grown stale or I could be walking through the park and realizing that I have a list of things to get done that don’t seem to be completing themselves. Options are crucial because we really shouldn’t get bored; if we get bored, it’s a lack of creativity. Cherish the spark you find in something that makes you smile and you’ll live through it; effortlessly. So to have detoured from the original topic “Remembering Those That Matter Most” I have begun to see that I think I may be a tad bit out of touch; I love it though.


This man’s voice inspired me to write this article, I’d to share it with you and I hope you all enjoy.


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A Journey To Canada

A Very Unique Adventure

Before you read this story please visit my new page, I put a lot of thought into it despite the length, I call it “John’s words of wisdom”.

Last August I spent a number of weeks in Victoria, British Columbia. What a beautiful place, I took this journey on very short notice and didn’t expect to spend as much time or money as I did; regardless, I am beyond grateful I went. I ventured to BC to visit family and ended up getting lost in the scenery, the place is absolutely incredible; wild life for miles and populated with very compassionate people. My grandfather was in the middle of a move during my visit, selling his cottage on the lake and making the decision to move right into Downtown Victoria. I love the area, though I was told it was a concrete jungle; what an incorrect statement. Water views, yes there are plenty of buildings but not even close to as many in Vancouver, now that’s a concrete jungle… I was introduced to an incredible human being during my stay, his name is Damaio; owner of We Haul Cheap. He is the man who helped move my grandfather to his new home, expressing my gratitude for his moving services he began telling me stories of his childhood.

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Be Strong.

There are plenty of things that do their best to set us back in this life, attempting to pause our process of growth. Whether we like it or not the universe does not want us to succeed, it is not bias and it doesn’t care if we choose to live a life that consists of sitting on the couch or to live a life where we spend all of our time imagining how we can help others. This being said, I believe the universe loves speed; what you consistently visualize and think about, you bring about. The universe will test you on your chosen path, if you want to be a fireman and you want to be the best fireman on the planet oh you better believe the universe is going to throw some serious curve balls your way; guess what? It’s a good thing. It’s going to make you stronger and it’s going to make you a better human being. Giving you things to look back on to give you the confidence to keep pushing forward.



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I’m thinking about space today

Going to talk a little bit about what we call “Space“, I don’t have a lot of time here as I’m actually heading out the door within the next twenty or so minutes and in that time period I must be completely ready for what I am about to learn. Classes are on and I am very thankful for today. I took a brief hiatus which lead me into realizing that without some form of training schedule (Martial Art’s training) the other aspects of my life would fall into turmoil.

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Starting This Blog Off Right.

Going to start this blog off with a little bit of talk about life. Life has a way of showing you the doors, it’s your choice to walk through them, I’ve recently been put in situations that in all honesty I had absolutely no idea how I got there but after I had experienced the circumstances I realized that it needed to happen to get to where I wanted to be. Chase your dreams. Love in-depth conversations with nerds? Should contact me and throw a crazy topic my way like “What is a galaxy?”.