Fire POI Enthusiasts

3 Oct 2016 John Sanchez

Do you dip? Or do you dabble? I LOVE spinning fire, what a rush. Gasoline on the end of chains spinning through the air at a very high speed, what is more intense? Okay a lot of things, but the thrill hasn’t left me yet; I don’t think it will to be honest, this is a newer passion of mine as my followers know.

I was spinning my POI last night and the tingles that went through my skin are very hard to explain, I would love to show you some techniques I’ve been working on (yes this is what I do in my spare time).

This video shows some basic and more complicated techniques, all of which I have been doing everything I can to master!

After getting home from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I have been feeling ecstatic when it comes to fire play. The flow of flames and the heat traveling inches away from my eyes during practice is something I absolutely love. How many times have I hit myself since I have been home? Too many to count… Haha.

Hours on end, I have been determined to evolve; a geek who loves fire, that’s me! Spinning underneath the moonlight brings me this unique sensation that I have the need to share with you all as it truly is me in a nutshell. I am not talking about my mind, I am talking about my spirit. When I am playing underneath the light I am not ‘trying’ to do anything, I am ‘going with the flow of things’. There is no effort, it’s just movement. If I had a conversation with myself five years ago and told myself I would become this fire spinning fanatic I would tell myself to stop doing drugs; though look what has happened! It’s amazing how things change and how we as human beings evolve and shift our way of thinking.

What is your passion? What sets you on fire? For me it is Fire POI and Moonlight, it makes me feel free.

The video I shared above really does give you an idea of the art, these practitioners I have been following to a ‘T’, their movements give a perfect example of The Art Of POI. Do you guys like it when I ask questions? I do so because I want to interact with my followers! Please let me know what you think about the questions. I would like to leave this post with an important one.

Do you want life insurance?

Follow your dreams.