define feast for eyes

A Feast for the Eyes

21 Mar 2020 John Sanchez

What is a feast for the eyes? Behold the ultimate definition! I don’t mean to be Socratic when I ask you “what is a feast?” What is a feast to you? How can you consume a feast with your eyes? For me, I breathe in deeply when I consume a feast for my eyes, as if I was actually feasting and needed a moment to catch my breath.

The curve of the image before my eyes is so tasty!

When my eyes feast on something it’s like I’m doing POI and a part of me inside gets full somehow. It’s hard to explain, like the tingles that rush though my body. Sometimes a woman can be a feast for my eyes, other times a car or a piece of armor from medieval times. It’s quite exhilarating.

But at the end of “a feast for the eyes” is subjective, so what does it mean to you?