Plenty Of Trees

Ah, My Love For Trees

Those of you who don’t know, nature and me are the best of friends; period. I find harmony when I can sit in the middle of a forest and hear the birds chirp. Very different kind of setting compared to what I’m used to, spending a lot of time scanning through atlases to find my next traveling point or google searching “highest quality headset” in my best friends bachelor suite. That has been the past couple days anyways, on that note, me and Cory have decided to work on some electronic music together, he is a well known local dj¬†and I wanted to get my foot in the door with music production. Incredible guy, showing me the ropes a little bit but I’ll say one thing, this mans hand dexterity should be noted down early as he truly doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for the art he creates.

I bought my first set of POI, for those who read my previous post you guys are well aware of the fact that I have shown great interest in the art of fire play. Well I have recently begun my training with long socks from past ski trips filled with more socks! My first attempt at spinning of the poi I learned that you should begin practicing with soft objects… (tagged myself in the knee in a brute like manner). Lesson learned, taking it very slow and really doing my best to burn the flow into my central nervous system, slow and steady wins the race.

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