The Olympics

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So recently I’ve been focusing on the incredible performances of some of the Olympic athletes, do you watch The Olympics?

Today I have been pondering the grace and efficiency of some of these incredible performers… The fluid motion in which they move is so natural and it is formed from hours and hours and hours of training and thousands of drills over and over again; I think this is absolutely beautiful. The training of the body is essential to have training of the mind; it’s like attention to detail, let one thing slip and not have it be right then you will find all the others things slipping and won’t have be right. When I say right here I’m talking about the way you want it to be, because the way you want it to be and the way I want it to be might be different. What matters most is what you want, from their you can build and succeed as long as a pure motive is held close to heart.

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Hawaiian Fire Dancers

Hawaiian Fire POI
Hawaiian Fire POI

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