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Remembering Those That Matter Most

My last post I ended off talking about the importance of being with your loved ones, this post I’d like to add to it a bit. I have been recently pondering the fact that without my loved ones I really wouldn’t be where I am; this has caused my levels of gratitude to rise and my love for my family to increase. A simple phone call, a letter, heck it’s 2016; toss them a text message! The reality of it is, is that we get caught up so frequently in all these little distractions that it detours us from what matters most. Being with our own flesh and blood, or the present moment of breath. This is a fantastic topic not only for the core concept of being grateful for your loved ones but this specific topic can basically pyramid into everything else in this life; neat huh? As I watch the waves from my porch I stand in awe as the thoughts in my head begin to flourish with all these little things that I had troubles staying focused on before. See? I have a weird mind and I love to journey off onto different things and can get caught up in unique tangents; this leaves room for options! I never run out of options, I could be reading a book that has grown stale or I could be walking through the park and realizing that I have a list of things to get done that don’t seem to be completing themselves. Options are crucial because we really shouldn’t get bored; if we get bored, it’s a lack of creativity. Cherish the spark you find in something that makes you smile and you’ll live through it; effortlessly. So to have detoured from the original topic “Remembering Those That Matter Most” I have begun to see that I think I may be a tad bit out of touch; I love it though.


This man’s voice inspired me to write this article, I’d to share it with you and I hope you all enjoy.


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