A Journey To Canada

A Very Unique Adventure

Before you read this story please visit my new page, I put a lot of thought into it despite the length, I call it “John’s words of wisdom”.

Last August I spent a number of weeks in Victoria, British Columbia. What a beautiful place, I took this journey on very short notice and didn’t expect to spend as much time or money as I did; regardless, I am beyond grateful I went. I ventured to BC to visit family and ended up getting lost in the scenery, the place is absolutely incredible; wild life for miles and populated with very compassionate people. My grandfather was in the middle of a move during my visit, selling his cottage on the lake and making the decision to move right into Downtown Victoria. I love the area, though I was told it was a concrete jungle; what an incorrect statement. Water views, yes there are plenty of buildings but not even close to as many in Vancouver, now that’s a concrete jungle… I was introduced to an incredible human being during my stay, his name is Damaio; owner of We Haul Cheap. He is the man who helped move my grandfather to his new home, expressing my gratitude for his moving services he began telling me stories of his childhood.

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Be Strong.

There are plenty of things that do their best to set us back in this life, attempting to pause our process of growth. Whether we like it or not the universe does not want us to succeed, it is not bias and it doesn’t care if we choose to live a life that consists of sitting on the couch or to live a life where we spend all of our time imagining how we can help others. This being said, I believe the universe loves speed; what you consistently visualize and think about, you bring about. The universe will test you on your chosen path, if you want to be a fireman and you want to be the best fireman on the planet oh you better believe the universe is going to throw some serious curve balls your way; guess what? It’s a good thing. It’s going to make you stronger and it’s going to make you a better human being. Giving you things to look back on to give you the confidence to keep pushing forward.



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