Wondering How the Next Olympics will Fair with Social Distancing

The 2020 Summer Olympics are supposed to happen in Tokyo. I haven’t read the latest news on this, but it’ll be wonderful if they’ll still make the Olympics a public event since social distancing has been suggested by world governments due to COVID-19. I love the Olympics, and wrote another post about it a while back. Recently I was learning about the ancient Greeks and where the roots of the Olympic games came from, so I’ll be very sad if the Summer Olympics are cancelled this year.

My main reason for discussing this today is because I have a suggestion. If they do think cancelling is the safest idea, then what they could do is still host the event but have all the athletes tested for the virus and have no physical audience. This way, the world could still watch the games on TV and there will be social distancing but we still get to enjoy the show. I hope this is worst case scenario because I’m really excited for the summer games this year.

Let’s hope it works out well!

My Time Growing While Fixing a Fridge

I never thought growing so much would come out of something so simple. I sit back and dwell upon my last experiences, grovelling in the mess of trying to understand how and why I made it this far in mental development by fixing my fridge. Call it a revelation. Call it finding my true self. Whatever it is, I’m a changed person now and it’s all because I went through Hell trying to repair my refrigerator which had been on the fritz for a week. How did I get here? Let me tell you the story, starting from the beginning.

I’ve never repaired a refrigerator in my life let alone took anything electronic apart. Opening a fridge apart in ways I’ve never opened a fridge before was like stepping back in Jurassic times or a portal through space into another world. It was like a giant, miniature city in there and each appliance part was a building or something. I was a stranger in a strange land, and that land was straight Dante’s Hell, no doubt about it.

My torture slowly got underway when the fridge stopped working to begin with. All my ham expired and my veggies rotted, after two days of me trying to eat it all as fast as I could, of course. With the virus going around I knew it would be hard to find any cheap fridge repair services around. All the companies I called didn’t even pick up their phones, but some had messages saying how they were closed due to COVID-19. I worried and worried about my food situation until I just sat up and realized its up to me to fix my appliance myself, and I can’t rely on any professionals to help me.

Well, not any professionals in person, anyways…

I could still get professional advice over the internet. YouTube videos on how to fix fridges were too confusing for me and I wasn’t patient enough for them. I already had the fridge apart, poking around at all the inside guts with a flash light, when I saw the phone and thought it might still be a good gander to try calling appliance repair companies. I didn’t expect to easily get lucky and find a technician who could visit me today. I did, however, hope to get on the phone with a technician so I could tell him the model and make of my appliance, tell him what’s wrong with it and I could throw him some cash via e-transfer for him to sit down with me for an hour and guide me through what I needed to do step by step.

I tried calling dozens of different appliance repair companies all across Canada until finally I got in touch with a technician from Appliance Repair Kingston over in Ontario. The kind man over the phone sat down with me for two hours to help me get my fridge repaired, but this is when the heat winds of Hell were just beginning to gust. There I was, on my knees sweating with my phone on speaker mode entering Dante’s fourth layer of Hell. I had tools in one hand a beer in the other hand and more sweat on my forehead than a pig-like man in the Miami sun. But the Archangel appliance repair man patiently guided me through the chaos like Virgil guiding Dante through Purgatory and now because of my trials it’s as if my sins have been cleansed and I have reached the Earthly Paradise on the top of Mount Purgatory.

It feels great to be here, and I feel like Beatrice is proud of me, so are all my friends and family. My exercise. My test. My suffering. It’s over! Never have I been so impatient in my life and this experience has really changed my outlook on a lot of things. I’m excited to stride forward through life knowing now that I have the patience to repair a broken fridge. It’s amazing what sucking it up and getting down to business can do. I have the power to do anything now!

Hopefully this was an inspiring and entertaining read for you. I look forward to our next post!


The Moon pt. 2

Welcome to “The Moon” part 2! Previously I rambled on for a while about why I love the moon so much. Your can read that post by clicking here. You don’t have to read part 1 in order for today’s post to make sense though. The moon and what it means to me has changed a little since then so this is a fresh take and my opinion might have changed slightly. This happens to everyone after enough time passes. So let’s begin!

What the Moon means to Me!

To me, the moon is my anchor in the sky. If it disappeared, I’d no longer be anchored on Earth and gravity would have no effect on me. That’s how it feels to me. It keeps me grounded. When I’m upset, it calms me. When I’m sad, it gladdens me. When I’m mad it makes me sane and drives my reason to mental progression. Without it I’d be lost. Without it, the sky wouldn’t be as beautiful.

Even at day time, I love seeing the moon. It reminds me of my mortality. It reminds me of my humanity. My humility. I even love the science of the moon and love hearing lectures about it.

In all poetry, the moon is my light. In all spirituality, the moon is my savior. If it could talk I’d pray to her every day. I love the moon, and something deep inside says the moon loves me back, as if she were a goddess. I think of her as a woman, my love who keeps the crazy world from going insane.

That’s what the moon means to me. It means a lot!

define feast for eyes

A Feast for the Eyes

What is a feast for the eyes? Behold the ultimate definition! I don’t mean to be Socratic when I ask you “what is a feast?” What is a feast to you? How can you consume a feast with your eyes? For me, I breathe in deeply when I consume a feast for my eyes, as if I was actually feasting and needed a moment to catch my breath.

The curve of the image before my eyes is so tasty!

When my eyes feast on something it’s like I’m doing POI and a part of me inside gets full somehow. It’s hard to explain, like the tingles that rush though my body. Sometimes a woman can be a feast for my eyes, other times a car or a piece of armor from medieval times. It’s quite exhilarating.

But at the end of “a feast for the eyes” is subjective, so what does it mean to you?

Blogging Backwards, Insure My Life!

Wow, fellows. It’s been so long since I posted. Before I get back to posting regularly I thought you deserve to know why it’s been so long. Many things conducted themselves to leading me to needing a break but the biggest one was romance! Yes, romance!

Let me blog backwards a little bit now…

The heart of my life now insures my life because months and months ago I met the star of my dreams. They are my everything. My king. My queen! I am passionately in love and cannot live otherwise. My dream. My destiny. I’m to continue to insure my life, assure my life, by being with my darling.

Recently, though, my passion for blogging has resurfaced, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all again!

Fire POI Enthusiasts

Do you dip? Or do you dabble? I LOVE spinning fire, what a rush. Gasoline on the end of chains spinning through the air at a very high speed, what is more intense? Okay a lot of things, but the thrill hasn’t left me yet; I don’t think it will to be honest, this is a newer passion of mine as my followers know.

I was spinning my POI last night and the tingles that went through my skin are very hard to explain, I would love to show you some techniques I’ve been working on (yes this is what I do in my spare time).

This video shows some basic and more complicated techniques, all of which I have been doing everything I can to master!

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Over Twenty Days?!

I Went Back.

It feels great to write to you all again! I just spent two weeks in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My experience there was nothing short of incredible; I spent a lot of quality time with my grandfather and my cousins who I have never really gotten to know. I went to visit my grandfather as my life at home was feeling frantic and my grandfather is an older gentleman who doesn’t take the best care of his health… Seeing my cousins was a huge bonus as I always say “More family, the better.” 

Vincent and I have never really connected but my last visit to Victoria we did spend some quality time together which I do hold close to heart. He works for a local tow truck service company and with their 24HR service it takes up a lot of his time; we did manage to get in a number of in-depth conversations and I feel like we both learned a lot about each other. My other cousin Gerry was in town! Man was this ever something to remember, this guy is a wild one, I’m talking dirt bike stunt performer and snowmobile enthusiast… What an incredible man to listen too, his stories are unreal and me talking about my new passion for Fire POI really did not compete with his snowmobile crash stories.

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The Moon

The Moon Means Everything To Me


I honestly can’t explain the feeling of looking up at a full moon. It does strange things to me, it makes me feel bubbly yet incredibly calm, relaxed yet energetic, focused yet not fixated… Isn’t that something? It has always been like this for me and one of my dreams has always been to step foot on the moon. Realistic? Not really. Do I still let my imagination wander like a child and create images of me having fun in space? Of course.

As an adult it is my duty to remain serious, always be professional and never act out! Hahah, even writing this down seems ridiculous! I love being a geeky kid.

This Is How I See It.

This is a topic I could talk for hours about, seriously; I honest can’t put it into words. How do you feel about the moon? Does it do strange things to you as well? You can let me know here.

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Practice Creates Life Insurance

Practice, Practice, Practice.

In my previous post I spoke a little bit about my new love for the art of POI; getting to the level at which you can perform naturally… I’ll tell yeah, it does take time. I was looking forward to my mother coming to town and me gracefully removing my POI from my carrying bag and fluidly moving onto the grass to begin practice, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Having an in-depth conversation about sharks and their future extinction led me to taking out my POI and completely changing the topic. This was possibly from excitement and geekiness. “Hey mom, look at these fire toys I play with now!” That is probably what was running around in the back of my mind, though as I walked towards the grass I thought to myself, “Hmm, John, do you really have the ability to perform this stuff?” First thought after that was hesitation, next thought was, “I can.”

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Plenty Of Trees

Ah, My Love For Trees

Those of you who don’t know, nature and me are the best of friends; period. I find harmony when I can sit in the middle of a forest and hear the birds chirp. Very different kind of setting compared to what I’m used to, spending a lot of time scanning through atlases to find my next traveling point or google searching “highest quality headset” in my best friends bachelor suite. That has been the past couple days anyways, on that note, me and Cory have decided to work on some electronic music together, he is a well known local dj and I wanted to get my foot in the door with music production. Incredible guy, showing me the ropes a little bit but I’ll say one thing, this mans hand dexterity should be noted down early as he truly doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for the art he creates.

I bought my first set of POI, for those who read my previous post you guys are well aware of the fact that I have shown great interest in the art of fire play. Well I have recently begun my training with long socks from past ski trips filled with more socks! My first attempt at spinning of the poi I learned that you should begin practicing with soft objects… (tagged myself in the knee in a brute like manner). Lesson learned, taking it very slow and really doing my best to burn the flow into my central nervous system, slow and steady wins the race.

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